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ITC 2013 - Call for Papers  

ITC 2013, is an international conference where theory, practices, and applications of Information Technology, Computational Engineering, Computer and Telecommunication Technology and related topics are presented and discussed. Original contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to):

I/O and Data Communications
Data Communications Devices
Parallel I/O
Web technologies
Wireless systems
Performance Analysis and Design Aids
Register-Transfer-Level Implementation
Control design
Data-path design
Memory design
Hardware description languages
Cellular arrays and automata
Memory control and access
Parallel circuits
Sequential circuits
Reliability and Testing
Computer Systems Organization
Emerging technologies
Hardware/software interfaces
Modeling of computer architecture
System architectures, integration and modeling
Systems specification methodology
Processor Architectures
Single Data Stream Architectures
MISD processors
Pipeline processors
RISC/CISC, VLIW architectures
High-level language architectures
Parallel Architectures
Distributed architectures
Mobile processors
Real-time distributed
Scheduling and task partitioning
Data communications
Interprocessor communications
Network-level security and protection
Circuit-switching networks
Distributed networks
Network communications
Network topology
Packet-switching networks
Wireless communication
Network Protocols
Protocol architecture
Routing protocols
Public networks
Distributed Systems
Distributed applications
Distributed databases
Network operating systems
Local-Area Networks
Mobile Computing
Algorithm/protocol design and analysis
Mobile communication systems
Mobile environments
Support services
Computer System Implementation
VLSI Systems
Impact of VLSI on system design
Web server
Web browser
Software/Software Engineering
Object-Oriented Programming
Logic Programming
Visual Programming
Distributed programming
Software release management and delivery
Public key cryptosystems
Coding and Information Theory
Data compaction and compression
Theory of Computation
Models of Computation
Machine-independent complexity
Reducibility and completeness
Relations among complexity classes
Relations among complexity measures
Computation of transforms
Computations in finite fields
Computations on matrices
Computations on polynomials
Number-theoretic computations
Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems
Complexity of proof procedures
Computations on discrete structures
Geometrical problems and computations
Pattern matching
Routing and layout
Specification techniques
Semantics of Programming Languages
Algebraic approaches to semantics
Data Communications
Data Compression
Data Encryption
Data Mining
Digital Signal Processing
Distributed Systems
Event Driven Programming
Expert Systems
High Performance Computing
Image Processing
Information Retrieval
Information Systems
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Applications
Natural Language Processing
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Performance Evaluation
Programming Languages
Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Security & Cryptography
Software Engineering & CASE
Theoretical Computer Science
Applications of Computer Science and Engineering

Prospective authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers (which is NOT submitted/published/under consideration anywhere in other conferences/journal) in electronic (PDF only) format through the easy chair conferences management system website or via email itc.chair @

All submissions (PDF format) can be submitted through the Easy chair Conference papers submission system. Those who do not have an Easy chair account will need to create one. Use following link to submit your papers.


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